1. What is an accommodation Payment?

An Accommodation Payment is a price set by an aged care facility for a specific room in a facility, and is the maximum price which can be asked for that particular room.
The Accommodation Payment provides 3 payment options to the resident
Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) – a lump sum amount
Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) – a periodical payment
Combination – both RAD and DAP

2.  Do I need to sell my family home to fund an accommodation payment?

No, our Aged Care Advisers specialise in finding solutions so you do not have to sell your family home.

3. Can the former family home be rented?

Yes, it can be rented. There are new rules which became effective on 1st January 2016 and 1st January 2017. Rental income is now assessed for both age pension and aged care. The former home becomes assessable after 2 years for age pension and is capped at $159,631 (Jan 2017) for aged care. With regard to the age pension, the former house is assessed but any debts are offset, and as the owner is then assessed as a non-homeowner, there is a higher threshold.

4.  Can I get advice on how to pay for my RAD and/or DAP?

Yes, Aged Care Finance Solutions specialises in providing advice and obtaining financial solutions.

5.  What does extra services mean?

This is a status approved by the Department of Health and Aging that allows a facility to provide hotel or luxury accommodation and services within the facility for which a fee can be charged.

6. What does additional services mean?

This is a fee payable by residents, and the same as extra services but requires no special licence.


6.  What is A.C.A.T. ?

Aged Care Assessment Team (A.C.A.T.) carries out an aged care assessment on the applicant determining the need for aged care. This is the first step required to enter an aged care facility or to receive respite care or a Home Care Package.
For ACAT enquiries phone 1800 200 442.

8.  Does the Australian Government guarantee the refund of the accommodation bond?

The Australian Government guarantees a refund of any paid R.A.D.

9. What is residential respite care?

Residential respite care is short term accommodation within residential care and provides mainly for carers to take some time off from their caring roles. Residential respite care depends on availability of beds in an aged care facility. It does not incur an accommodation payment charge.