Our service includes advice regarding:

  • The retention of the family home.
  • Analysis of the costs to enter aged care.
  • Maximising aged pension entitlements
  • Minimising means tested care fees
  • Analysis of the DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment) compared to the RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit)
  • Our aged care loans provide solutions in keeping the family home and structuring RADs and DAPs to meet desired outcomes.

My Aged Care Loan understands the practical issues and the sensitive aspects of residential care and analyses all costs according to placement needs and changing government policies. We can assist you to consider important issues when entering aged care and give you a range of options.

We thought selling the family home was the only way to pay for mum’s aged care costs. We were confused by the rules; should we pay the RAD or the DAP? My Aged Care Loan provided us with solutions to keep the family home, and pay for her care costs. They made what was a stressful situation so much easier, providing support every step of the way.